neptune-tensorboard: TensorBoard integration with Neptune

This library integrates TensorBoard with Neptune website to let you get the best of both worlds. Enjoy tracking experience of TensorBoard with organizion and collaboration of Neptune website.

TensorBoard integration

With neptune-tensorboard you can have your TensorBoard experiment runs hosted in a beatutiful knowledge repo that lets you invite and manage project contributors.

With one simple command:

neptune tensorboard /path/to/logdir –project USER_NAME/PROJECT_NAME

Organize your TensorBoard experiments:


and compare your TensorBoard runs,


and share your work with others by sending a experiment link

Bug Reports and Questions

neptune-tensorboard is an Apache Licence 2.0 project and the source code is available on GitHub. If you find yourself in any trouble drop an isse on Git Issues, fire a feature request on Git Feature Request or ask us on the Neptune community forum or Neptune community spectrum.


We keep an updated list of open issues/feature ideas on github project page Github projects. If you feel like taking a shot at one of those do go for it! In case of any trouble please talk to us on the Neptune community spectrum.

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